Our Trucks

Concrete Express® transit mixers are only eight feet wide and nine feet tall.

Our "little" trucks do everything the big ones can but we are are more agile and maneuverable.

Concrete Express Concrete Truck

How "green" can a concrete truck be?

Consider this: a fully loaded standard transit mixer gets somewhere between 2 - 3 miles to the gallon of fuel driving down the road. Yep, that's right, 2-3 miles to the gallon. That why we always chuckle when we see a concrete truck with Green Leaf decals on the side. Everyone pretty much knows that truck's got the carbon footprint of Sasquatch. I mean really people; it's a concrete truck not a Prius.

We're not picking on the big guys, we burn diesel and use oil and though our smaller trucks get much higher MPG we're certainly not winning any mileage awards.

But, if the environment is something you care about we 're just asking you to consider using the more appropriate delivery tool for the job when your needs for concrete are less than 7 yards. You will save time and money too!

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